CyberSecurity Tip 12: Controlling Our Digital Footprints

We all have a digital footprint – a trail of digital data we leave behind after we are in the digital world.  A digital footprint is created by anything we do that is in the cloud or online in any way from using email, to snapping a digital picture, to buying something online, to going through a toll in your car and having it paid automatically via the device on your windshield.  Ideally, we would all have very short footprints but in today’s lives that is not realistic. So, the best we can do is to use the online world when we have to and to unplug when we are able to.

With a little bit of insight, though, we can build in just enough of of a pause to start shrinking our digital trails and make it harder for anyone to follow our digital footprints back to us in the offline world. And, that’s the true goal.  If we use that thinking every day, our digital footprints will be barely visible to the digital eye…which is just where we want them to be!

You can learn more about the digital footprint here.