CyberSecurity Tip 12: TECH is the Word!

Staying safe online is a noble goal for all of us but as the digital world grows,it seems there’s more and more to remember.

Luckily, the basics haven’t changed. If we all follow those simple online rules of the road and help our kids do the same, that’s what will keep us safe and sound for the variety of settings we find ourselves in online: texting, emailing, social media posting, tweeting, online shopping. Stuff like that!

When in doubt, think TECH:

Talk to your kids about what they are using for digital technology and what they’d like to use.

Educate yourself (about the technology so you can use it), your kids about the issues online to be aware of, our communities about why this is a global issue as well as a family issue.

Check your kids’ social media logs and profiles often to be sure they are not getting in over their heads and posting appropriately.

Have a family media use plan that every one in the home agrees to and signs, including adults.