CyberSecurity Tip 9: Getting the Digital Message RITE

Teenage Girl Being Bullied By Text Message

Learning to communicate is a challenging thing. In the real world, we have people’s faces and voices to guide us to the nuances of right and wrong but in the digital world we’re very much on our own. As adults, we can rely on our life experience to guide us to how to post appropriately but our kids don’t yet have that. So, it’s not too surprising that digital mishaps occur with kids when posting online – the lack of social queues is one heck of a challenge for them when posting anything online.

To help them out, I’ve created a simply mnemonic that you can teach them that will help them post in any digital setting with a lot more digital savvy. It’s called RITE: 

R: Reread every message to be sure it sounds OK and is what you really want to send.

I: Imagine if you were the one receiving the message…would you be upset or hurt by what it says?

T: Think about whether it needs to be sent now or can it wait a bit. Sometimes waiting and re-reading the message later can avoid a big mess later on. (You may even find that you’d rather not send the message afterall!)

E: hit the Enter button only after you are satisfied that R-I-T are to your satisfaction.

So, to help your kids get it right, just teach them how simple it is to get the digital message RITE!