CyberSecurity Tip 15: Cell Phone Danger Zones

With teens and tweens using cell phones as an extension of their social lives, this is a good month to pause and think about some of the topics our tweens and teens may not be aware can be danger zones when using the cell phone.

In today’s digital world, kids have cell phones at younger and younger ages. While this may seem like a great idea for communication, we have to remember that our kids are still learning and growing. They will make mistakes. They may make a post without understanding what it means. They may shop on sites that are not appropriate for their age. And, they may send pictures that have legal implications.

So, to keep our kids safe in today’s very mobile digital world, we can teach them the rules of the digital road just as we do when they learn to drive a car. Some of the topics to discuss with your kids include:

  • sexting
  • cyberbullying and bullying
  • apps
  • online shopping
  • privacy settings
  • friends and friending
  • how to text and post appropriately

I’ll have more information on many of these topics in later tips. For now, these are the big topics to keep in mind when tweens and teens use cell phones that are speed bumps that they don’t realize exist when they first use their phones.


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