Triaminic Vapor Patch Recall

Important recall: Triaminic Vapor PatchesI received this important release via email the other day and want to share it with everyone:June 19, 2006Dear Doctor:RE: Recall of Vapor Patch by TriaminicI wanted to make you aware that Novartis Consumer Health announced today it has voluntarily recalled the Vapor Patch product, marketed under the Triaminic brand. Below is the press release that was … [Read more...]

Opening Day Part Duo

As I sit down to type my first blog entry on Blogger, a few familiar phrases are echoing in my mind:“To boldly go where no one has gone before.” - Star Trek“May the force be with you.” – Star Wars“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Fortune cookie message taped to my laptop.I launched the original Your Child's Health Blog on opening day at Fenway Park and luckily my blogging season … [Read more...]

Morning Musings and Close Calls

What a crazy morning drop off today. The streets near the school were lined with parked cars for some end of the year event. The crossing guards were no where to be seen. And, everyone was leaving for work at the same time making all the streets leading away from school crazed.Like many New England schools, our school driveway was made eons ago when cars were just a tad bigger than a VW bug. Add … [Read more...]

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