Pediatrics Now Gets A Make-Over!

Good Morning everyone! I want to share some exciting news with you. Pediatrics Now just went live with a completely revamped site! Just like a child coming out of the terrible 2's, I feel like we are entering a new developmental phase of the site. If you think about it, developing a web site is a lot like raising a child - except with web sites we get to rewrite codes that are not working … [Read more...]

Only In America

Only in America will we see headlines of fantasy and fiction side by side. Today, on the front page of just about every internet news site, the news of Winnie the Pooh getting a Hollywood star was listed just above the article on Britney Spear’s recent trouble with DCFS. To be honest, neither these headlines nor their placement on the news sites was much of a shock. After all, both are true … [Read more...]