Survival Tips for Graduation Weekend

Do you have a graduate in your house? We do. Even as a "veteran" graduation parent, celebrating a graduation is still one of the most emotional roller coasters you'll ever experience. It's an awesome occasion but brings with it all sorts of emotions and chaos. … [Read more...]

Safe Surfing for Internet Safety Month

Last night I had trouble sleeping. Somehow our digital alarm clock went its typical low, soothing glow to a "WAKE UP" Times Square-level neon green. If the door wasn't shut, the entire house would have woken up. Instead, just the parental units. So, college kids slept just fine and we woke up way too early putting getting our money's worth out of our Keurig. Such is the downside of the digital … [Read more...]

Water Fun in the Sun

A few years ago, we got caught up in the same back yard instant pool bug that everyone else seemed to have. It seemed like such a simple and easy solution...unroll, put in water and Voila! Instant backyard pool with hours of endless lounging and backyard fun. Well, that was the fantasy. The reality? The pool never held its water. The pool top kept flying. And, the ladder barely fit over the pool’s … [Read more...]

Cybersafe and Savvy Tip 11: texting & moving is an accident waiting to happen

Even though there are laws and news reports stating the dangers, it seems to be happening more and more. I don't even have to look to know it happened's that consistent. In fact it happened again the other day. I was driving into a parking lot and a lady driving in a minivan turned into the same lot, very quickly, and almost hit me and a few pedestrians. I stopped to get out of her … [Read more...]

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