CyberSecurity Tip 21: Wordless Wednesday – A Sign of Our Times

Wordless Wednesday: A Sign of Our Times … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 20: Know your State Laws

Do you know your State's laws for bullying, cyberbullying, sexting, and texting? They are worth knowing - just in case a digital mishap or situation occurs in your family. The information isn't always easy to find so let me share with you some helpful resources: Cyberbullying and Bullying Laws Sexting Laws Texting Bans … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 19: Cyberwise Parenting

Top questions from parents—answered by Dr. Gwenn Is Facebook really that dangerous? Dr. Gwenn: Facebook itself isn’t dangerous, but how we use Facebook can put us in some types of danger if we are not cybersavvy. The biggest danger we face on Facebook is risk of harming our own reputations and digital footprints. We can protect ourselves and teach our teens to protect themselves by always … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 17 and 18 : UnPlugged Weekend!

It's the weekend!! What are you doing reading this post?? Today is your day to disconnect, go off the grid and spend time offline with your family, friends or just yourself. Have a great day. I'll be back soon with more cybersafe and savvy tips. … [Read more...]

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