Getting The Digital Message RITE!

Has one of these scenarios ever happened to you or one of your digital teens? Someone sends you a text, email or Facebook message that riles you up a bit, good or bad, that you respond from a place of pure emotion...type the message, hit send and then a second later say to yourself "you know, perhaps that message was too much. I wish I had waited to send it or not sent it at all."? You were … [Read more...]

CyberSafe…The Blog!

Welcome to CyberSafe...the blog. CyberSafe, the book, has everything you need to get you going on your journey to keeping you kids and teens safe in our digitally enhanced and overly plugged in world. But, let's face it...this is one world that loves to improve upon itself and quickly. CyberSafe...The Blog is you  answer to staying in the know from the latest headlines to the latest social media … [Read more...]

Say No to Texting and Driving. I did!

I have three questions for you about your ability to multitask while driving. Can you: Drive while reading, looking down and not looking at the road? Drive while typing, looking down, not looking at the road? Drive no handed because you are doing something else, perhaps looking down and typing on something? I'm assuming you answered a resounded "no" to all three questions and are wondering … [Read more...]

Kick Off CyberSecurity Awareness Month by Being More Cyber-Aware

Once again, this year's National Cyber Security Awareness Month Theme is: "Our Shared Responsibility" That truly hits the nail on the head with the best way to approach not only our safety and security online, but our developing kids and teens as well. Just as we do offline, approaching the online world with the same common sense is the best guiding principle. To that end, as you do when they … [Read more...]

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