Cybersafe and Savvy Tip 31: Wordless Wednesday – Happy Halloween

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Cybersafe and Savvy Tip 28: Staying Cybersafe and Savvy all year ’round

Wow - a month of tips. Thanks for taking this digital safety journey with me. We sure did cover a huge amount of information but it was worth it. You may not realize it today, but the information you learned this month is just what you need to keep your family safe online - and it didn't cost you more than a few minutes each day. This month's CyberSecurity Awareness Month may just about be … [Read more...]

Cybersafe and Savvy Tip 29: You are your child’s best digital role model

 Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.  — Robert Fulghum   If you want to know why your otherwise good kids sometimes have not so good digital habits, find one of these:   So, be the digital citizen you want your kids to be. It really is that simp   … [Read more...]

Cybersafe and Savvy Tip 30: Unplugged Sunday

It's that day of the week again...Sunday...your day to be free of all things with plugs. So, enjoy a day of unplugged living and all that it has to offer. While you're reading this, I'm already out somewhere, camera in hand, doing just that. Here's a picture from my last unplugged day:   Just goes to show when you're unplugged, you never know what you'll experience! … [Read more...]