Dr. Gwenn’s Updated Family Media Use Plan

Our life is certainly much different than it was a few months ago, including our use of technology.  As October's  National Cyber Security Awareness Month ,  approaches, this is a good time to step back and think about ways we can use all the technology around us safely and smartly.  Since we are all home bound, working with our families on this new way of living seems like the best place to begin … [Read more...]

Internet Safety Month Tips Week 4

Welcome to the final week of Internet Safety Month,and our final week of tips for 2013. You'll notice a theme in this week's tips. … [Read more...]

Internet Safety Month Tips Week 3

Two weeks down, two more weeks to go on this year's Internet Safety Month. Here's this week's tips: … [Read more...]

Internet Safety Month Week 2 Tips

How did your first week of Internet Safety Month go? Finding the tips useful? Last week, I gave you  the first 9 tips to get your on your way. This week, I have 7 more to get your through the next week. … [Read more...]

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