Wordless Wednesday: Modern Living

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The AAP Social Media Clinical Report: what it’s really about

By now you’ve seen all the headlines about last spring's new AAP clinical report and “Facebook Depression”. I’m sure those sound bytes and headlines caused you to stop your channel surfing and click on a webpage or two, which created a firestorm of media buzz. Unfortunately, it also created a great deal of confusion that I’m certain I can help with. How can I be so certain? Because I’m the lead … [Read more...]

Kelping Kids with “Text-iquette”

Do your kids text? My youngest teen has a friend who loves to text but doesn't get that it exists on a phone that 1. has an off switch 2. belongs to a person who may be busy when the text comes in an unable to return the text right away. So, there has been some lags in returning texts with this friend and some texts have been missed. Inevitably, about once a day, almost like clock … [Read more...]

In 2012, you have a choice: worry about your child’s health or empower your child to be healthy

No doubt we live in worry filled times. From the stock market to our kids, there’s no shortage of issues we can come up with to angst over in any given day. Interestingly, our collective concerns over our children and their health has been rock solid consistent the last few years, as demonstrated by the National Poll on Children’s Health compiled by the CS Mott Children’s Hospital. The poll’s top … [Read more...]

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