FOSI 2010 Panel Online Safety and Behavior

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Steve Jobs: His Impact Is Not Just Technological

How many Apple devices do you own? At the moment, we own 10 among the 4 of us between MacBooks, iPods, iPhones, an Airport Express and an iPad. At any given point during our waking, one of us is using an Apple device. When you take a step back and consider not only the amount of Apple devices we all own but how much of our day is engaged with an Apple device, the impact of Steve Jobs’ visions … [Read more...]

My Unplugged Hopes for the New School Year

The first day of school is around the corner. As the day approaches, I'm again awed by where my kids are in their lives. This year is a big year for us with our youngest starting high school and our oldest driving and starting to think about college. As we begin to gather all the essentials to start off the school year, I'm struck with a few simple hopes for each of them as they embark upon their … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Keep Kids Safe Online: Be Involved!

Did you know that yesterday was Safer Internet Day? Other than kids whose schools hosted activities and digital and safety experts, many had no idea. When I go around the country talking to parents about online and digital safety, the discussion often starts off focusing on programs, buttons, products - the things that our kids and teens are using. We cover all sorts of issues from privacy … [Read more...]

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