A Dose of Dr. Gwenn Show 13 Preview: Networked Families today at noon!!

Show # 13: Wednesday June 10, 2009 Noon ETNetworked Families!Join me today for my monthly Networked Families show. On deck this week are topics that range from MP3 players, the 24/7 lifestyle of teens, hidden hazards of technology during natural disasters, tele-medicine, and an update on how media impacts our kids' health.All the studies featured on today's show are filed under the June_10_Podcast … [Read more...]

Parents and Teens: Do you have a high tech story to share? I really want to know!

  I had to IM my daughter once to get her to dinner. Such is life in our high tech, networked families! My 14 year old has been known to text, talk, write and eat just about at once. Her phone is more of a data collector as I can’t recall the last time a call was sent or received on it. What stories do you have? If you are a parent of high tech kids or a high tech teen, I’d love to … [Read more...]

A Dose of Dr. Gwenn: Networked Families Show Companion Page

We covered a lot of ground in the networked families and social media show! We covered so much material, that I forgot to give you this week's "daily dose". Without further ado, here it is:"The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow." ~Bill GatesDr. Gwenn's Networked Families and Social Media Reading and Resource ListFacebook Firings: Eagles fire employeeSocial … [Read more...]

Finally, a babble fish for our tweens and teens online lives

I was searching the headlines this morning and this ad caught my eye:So, I clicked the ad and ended up on www.theantidrug.com.If your tweens are like mine, or you have teens at home, you likely have no idea what they are saying to their friends when they chat by email, IM or text message. This handy site gives a primer but also gives you valuable info on drugs kids may get into and how to talk to … [Read more...]