If TV docs can tweet, should real docs?

Did you catch Grey’s Anatomy last week? Dr. Bailey started to live tweet her surgeries. Or, as the Chief called it “teet” them: At first, the Chief wasn’t so sure about this twitter thing. He was worried about confidentiality, liability and the world of unknown technology. While he couldn’t even figure out how to log on at first, he quickly saw the power of it when a couple of his residents … [Read more...]

Healthy Media Use Resolutions for New Year

I read a blog post not long ago that suggested we should all check our email only twice a day. Twice a day? Is that even possible? It may not seem possible but it sure is needed. Believe it our not, despite our over connected lives and reliance on technology for everything, we actually need some  unplugged time alone and as a family. Technology has certainly made our lives more efficient and … [Read more...]

Behavioral Issues in Online Safety FOSI 2010 Panel

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FOSI 2010 WrapUp

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