WeGo Meetup Wrapup: You Are Your Brand!

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity of leading the "Creating and Managing Your Health Activist Brand" break-out session at the WEGO Health  Health Activist Meet-up in Boston. I found it a true interactive evening with a group invested in wanting to share information as much as learn what us "leaders" had to offer. My group, for example, was as engaged and enthusiastic about sharing their … [Read more...]

Do you know a computer-phobe?

The other day I was at an appointment and learned that the wife of someone I’ve known for over 20 years, a gal just a few years older than me, an educated and professional woman, can’t use a computer. Her husband told me she just never learned and doesn’t feel the need to. “She prefers the simple life”, he told me. “Sort of the way it used to be.” I can get that in some ways. Our life has become … [Read more...]

Where’s the flu shot? Ask Dr. Google!

Finding the flu shot lately, seasonal or H1N1, has become a modern day game of Where’s Waldo! In typical fashion, Dr. Google has come to the rescue with a new tool, www.google.com/flushot: Simply type in your location and up comes results for both seasonal and H1N1 clinics in your area, whether they have the vaccines now and when they will have them, if that information is available. … [Read more...]

On Line Health Forms Should Be For Patients, Not Health Professionals!

We had an interesting experience today. My husband is scheduled for a routine test tomorrow and was notified by letter that he had to register ahead of time for the test. The test is going to take place at our local hospital. The letter clear had instructions with the name of the test and department name as well as two ways to register: phone or internet. My husband opted for the internet route … [Read more...]