Superbowl Health Health PSA A Super classy move by CBS!

Let's face it, unless you were from Indianapolis or New Orleans, the ads and half time show are what got you, your friends and family around that TV last night. It's a true American tradition for all of us.  The game is always exciting and last night's certainly did not disappoint but most of us watch to see what new and exciting PR moves will be displayed from one year to the next. … [Read more...]

Watching TV Smartly, and Sanely, Over Holiday Break With Your Kids

With the upcoming school holiday break days away, let's be realistic: TV sets are about to get a bit more use than usual. In fact, many will go into hyper drive as kids of all ages are home more and parents become distracted with holiday preparations and school week plans. It's always important to keep an eye on the clock when kids are home for extended periods of time and be sure that tube … [Read more...]

The developmental tracking industry: do we need a gizmo?

With our world becoming high tech, it’s not surprising that gizmos and programs or our computers, iPhones and Smartphones are emerging to help us track everything from our infant’s cry to our child’s development. But, are these necessary? I was called by a reporter from to weigh in on this with a colleague as was a colleague of mine. As members of the American Academy of Pediatrics … [Read more...]

How do you feel about public cell phone talking?

During my recent travels to DC, I was privy to conversations about teenagers, business transaction, child care arrangements, marital issues, gossip, among other things! These conversations have occurred while someone I didn’t know was on a cell phone yabbering away in a variety of settings: the mall, supermarket, airport (waiting areas, on the plane, restaurants), coffee shops, restaurants, on … [Read more...]

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