Networked Families: Connecting With Digital Teens

Do you use digital media to connect with your kids? I do? Here's a snapshot of my family's story as told to PBS's Digital Nation: I'd love to know how you connect with your digital natives...aka tweens and teens! Leave your stories in the comments or email me the details. ©2009 Pediatrics Now. All rights reserved. PEDIATRICS NOW® is a registered trademark of Pediatrics Now. … [Read more...]

Please Note: “No Cell Phones” signs are for everyone…even you!

I have a new pet peeve. It’s called the “willful violation of posted no cell phone zone” callers. It drives me completely bonkers! I thought about it the other day when I was waiting in a big down town Boston physician’s office waiting room. All the waiting rooms in this facility are very nicely appointed with comfortable chairs, magazines, and water bubblers. They have quiet, all-ages music … [Read more...]

What data features do teens need on cell phones?

Cell phones are their feature are an ever growing topic in today's families. It used to be that the hot button issue was whether to get the phone. Now, we have to deal with all the features: texting, Internet, name the tip of the iceberg!Clearly we're becoming a more mobile society with our cell phones taking over features previously reserved for our computers. A recent Nielsen Wire … [Read more...]

Did ABC’s Earth 2100 go too far?

I watched ABC’s Earth 2100 the other night because 1. Nothing else was on. 2. The description on Comcast sparked the “go green”, “save the planet” part of me. The Comcast description invitingly stated this about the show:“An environmental road map to the 22nd century explores possible effects of climate change, population growth, & resource depletion….” We all know the facts so I wasn’t … [Read more...]

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