Did Trump go to far by firing Khloe Kardashian?

Watching Celebrity Apprentice last weekend, I was shocked by the Board Room scene. Khloe Kardashian was fired not because of her role in that week’s challenge, or her treatment of other players on her team, but because Trump took issue with her DUI charge, even though the original offense occurred in 2007 and she has been facing the music in the legal system and the court of public opinion … [Read more...]

Friday Fun: Cell Phones and Kids

Good lessons always start young!Happy Friday!Image©2009 Pediatrics Now. All rights reserved. PEDIATRICS NOW® is a registered trademark of Pediatrics Now. … [Read more...]

Teach Kids About Phone Safety

We've been getting a ton of weird phone calls lately. Some are from 800 numbers. Some are from 866 numbers and some seem like "real" phone numbers. What all these numbers have in common, though, is no names pop up on caller ID. We typically don't answer calls without identifying names figuring they are scams or telemarketers, even though we are on the "no call" list. But, after seeing a few of … [Read more...]

Monday Madness: Amoebas, Video Game Systems and Bunk Bed Dangers

The headlines today are filled with all sorts up interesting news that just may change how you think about your free time and down time.First up, swimming. While a great way to cool down in the summer heat, not all pools and lakes are as safe as you may think. The CDC reported last week about 6 cases of brain eating amoebas. Before you panic, these cases are very rare and there are ways to avoid … [Read more...]