Television…are we barking up the wrong tree?

Watching the MTV Video Awards last nights, this commentary kept echoing in my mind from the same issue of Pediatrics that houses the study citing the study you've heard so much about recently on the link between TV and later attention problems in teens. Here's the abstract of that study if you're interested.I talked about both these Pediatrics studies on NECN today and will give you those details … [Read more...]

The 11th Hour – Coming Soon

Over the last few years, it has been more and more difficult to not notice the odd and often unseasonal weather patterns. Here in New England, we feel it most acutely in the winter when we pull out our skiis only to find no, or little, snow to ski on. That was never a problem when I was a kid. And, of course, none of us will forget for a very long time the horror of Hurricane Katrina and the … [Read more...]

Media and Our Kids – a helping hand or a powerful punch?

Katie Couric is on a tear about media issues in kids and is right on the mark! Check out her recent 2cents:Toddler's and TVMarketing to KidsOf course, the most powerful way to get the message of the dangers of media on our kids through to their parents is, well, by using media but that is just the way our world turns today. Media isn't bad it is just powerful. Kids are developing and are … [Read more...]

American Charity…the new reality TV show

Last night's American Idol was something else. 2 hours of star-studded fund raising complete with moving music and images that either make you want to melt or run for your credit cards and phones. It was brilliant. What I love is that they were truly acting on the "think globally, act locally" motto. "Idol Gives Back" was not just targeting Africa, which seems to be the celebrity charitable … [Read more...]