Ready, Set…Unplug! Tv Turn Off Week is Coming!!

During my daughter's 5th grade play yesterday, there was a very cleaver twist where the book community of fairy tails stood up against the new commercial venture of a TV production company wanting to put all their stories "live for all!". In the end, Mother Goose herself kiboshed the idea reminding everyone that the point of books and stories was to entice kids to use their imaginations actively … [Read more...]

Rosie’s Low-Tech Family Time…What All Our Families Need!

Watching Rosie O'Donnell on GMA yesterday was very refreshing! Not just her honesty and humor, which I admit I have missed since her departure from the view, but her plain talk about families and kids. Did you know she doesn’t let her kids watch tv – ever? Interesting for a tv personality. And, did you know she has a book on crafts for kids, Crafty*U?Celebrities write books, we all know this. But … [Read more...]

Turn Off TV Week

I'm a little behind the 8 ball here's here again - National Turn off TV week. Great opportunity to deconnect, unplug and experience life. Not always easy as my experiences in the past have shown but worth the effort. Check out my blog post from last April with all sorts of cool ways you can spend time away from the tube, as well as some links to stats on tv viewing and kids.BTW, can't … [Read more...]

Turn Off The Tube All Week Long

Welcome back from April Vacation! What better way to step into spring and the home stretch in the school year than by celebrating National TV-turn off week that starts today and lasts until April 30. So, keep the tube off this week and find fun ways to spend time as a family. Can't think of any? Here are some ideas to get you on your way:1. build a puzzle 2. cook dinner together3. plant flowers … [Read more...]