Dr. Gwenn’s Tips for Unplugged Living

Ready to learn to unplug? Or, looking for more ways to unplug? I have just the tips you've been looking for! Here are 15 of my favorite ways to disconnect and get away for the digital world for a while, either by myself or with my family and friends. Feel free to download this to your computer, share it, print it. The more people in your life that unplug with you, the more fun and empowering … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day 2013 A bit more digital but just as sweet for everyone

Have you looked at candy hearts lately? Talk about a sign of the times! I hope the makers of those hears keep a box each year because they are the best documentation we have of the state of teen and tween life from year to year. Among the typical sayings: I love you, Call Me,  Rock On, Marry Me, Puppy Love, First Kiss, Honey Pie, Awesome, Head over Heels, Friends 4 Ever, Good Times, Heart Throb … [Read more...]

Holiday Shopping With Kids – keep it real and unplugged

I’ll admit it...this time of year, I’m a cybershopper. I have mixed feelings about this, actually. “Back in the day”, I used to love the thrill of the hunt. Shopping for the perfect gift was fun and added a special touch to the holiday season. With Black Friday now happening on Thanksgiving Thursday, and shopping chaos erupting into fist fights, it’s just not worth it any more. So, a cybershopper … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Thanksgiving in the Digital Age

Don't let this happen to your family...have all cell phones checked at the door this year! Happy (unplugged) Thanksgiving!! … [Read more...]