Show 26 Preview: Safe and Unplugged Summer Fun!

Show 26 Preview: Safe and Unplugged Summer Fun! The "lazy days of summer" are here...finally! Join Dr. Gwenn for the last show until August as she gives you all the information you need to have a fun, healthy, safe and unplugged summer. Dr. Gwenn will cover all the topics on your mind for any family summer adventure from bug spray to sun block to how to get kids to wear bike helmets. And, in 30 … [Read more...]

Show 25 Preview: Small Kids Online…Is It Safe??

Show 25 Preview: Small Kids Online Is It Safe?? When should small kids get online? Is there a magic age? Is there a "best" way to start? What websites should small kids begin their online life with? And, most importantly, is it safe for small kids to be online? Tune in this week as Dr. Gwenn talks about helping your youngest kids begin their online safely and smartly with you there as their … [Read more...]

Show 23 Wrap-up: Following Your Digital Footprints

This was my digital foot print according to EMC's digital footprint tool at 10am ET today.  As I type this post, 4 1/2 hours later, at 2:30pm ET, my digital footprint has increased to 342, 646,507,000...and counting! That's consistent with the 25k increase per hour we say during the podcast earlier. If you want some fun, download the tool yourself from the link above. If nothing else, it gives … [Read more...]

Show 23 Preview: Managing Your Family’s Digital Footprints

Show 23 Preview: Managing Your Family's Digital Footprints Do you what a digital footprint is? Do you know where your family leaves their digital footprints? Check out this week's show to learn everything there is to know about digital footprints, how to track them down, keep tabs of them,  and keep everyone safe and sound! Show Date: Friday May 28, 2010 Show Time: Noon ET Show Page: … [Read more...]