The Beginning That Became The Ending

My recent Sesame Street saga has an epilogue. If you recall, after previewing said DVDs, I handed them over to my brother to share with my nephews, ages 4 and 18months. Well, my 4 year old nephew wasn’t interested – no trucks, Thomas the Tank, or Bob the Builder. My 18month old nephew wandered into the room, stared at DVD for just about 3minutes, and toddled off – likely to “play” with his … [Read more...]

Sesame Street Beginnings: to watch or not to watch

Who can resist the cute appeal of baby Elmo and Cookie Monster? I have to admit, I still enjoy watching these characters with my nephews. And, in a weak moment, I'll even catch my "tween"age daughters pausing on "Sesame Street" as they flip the channels for the few times a day they do watch TV.The last 2 weeks, the media waves have been inundated with articles and posts on blogs about the new … [Read more...]

Battle Of The Tiny Bulge

As promised, here are some childhoood obesity web resources and links to Massachusetts area childhood and teen weight management programs. If you are out of state, ask your pediatrician or consult the nearest large children's hospital about local programs. Please know, if you find yourself reading this with interest, you are in good company - many of your neighbors are grappling with this … [Read more...]

Car Seat Confusion

Hold the presses! Only a week in print and on cyberspace and April's Your Child's Health is already out of date! No sooner did I report to you the latest on car seat information and safety then a new item came onto the market: car seats for overweight kids. This makes good sense, of course, with childhood obesity at epidemic proportions. According to ABC News, a quarter million kids ages 1 to … [Read more...]

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