Baby Flat Heads: do helmets really help?

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back In pediatrics medicine, we continuously strive to make kids healthier. But sometimes to improve one problem we inadvertently create another, as demonstrated by the American Academy of Pediatrics’ “Back to Sleep Campaign”. Launched in 1992, the Back to Sleep Campaign has been a true success story, reducing the incidence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) by … [Read more...]

Recruiting Help With Potty Training Your Toddler

I received a comment not long ago by Terra on a post about Potty Training that hits on a common problem I'm asked about quite often by parents of toddlers: pulling others into the potty training process. Terra wrote: “My daughter turned two in March and I potty trained her and She will only go with me. Luckily for her I work at her preschool but how do I help her to start going potty with her … [Read more...]

Supermodels Should Model. Doctors Should Give Health Advice. Ok?

There is a sort of kindred spirit among parents that can be wonderfully supportive. It can help other parents feel not so lost as they sort out issues with their own kids, regardless of age, and especially for first time and expectant parents. This special club of parents is most useful as a gigantic support group, though, just to listen, laugh and provide that well placed hug when the work of … [Read more...]

Helping Toddlers With Poop Issues

Q: For nearly 3 years, our son has been unable or unwilling to stool in the toilet. He has excellent control over his bowels and has never had an accident. He uses the bathroom to stool but will only stool in a training diaper. The stool comes out easily and then he spends about 5 minutes singing and looking out the window before finally asking for help in cleaning up. He waits a long time … [Read more...]