Taboo or No Taboo. What kids already know may surprise you.

Did you hear the news? Two families in Lexington filed a law suit over books talking about gay families. Shocking! Well, if this were twenty years ago. But, in 2006? In Massachusetts? In communities where we all have many neighbors in same sex relationships? I have news for these parents, the message is out and their kids likely already knew about gay families long before their teacher read that … [Read more...]

Which One Of These Things Doesn’t Belong?

I was flipping through the TV channels late last night and stumbled upon an infomercial. The ad had oodles of snipits of teens hanging with their parents and a narrator repeating "all it takes is a minute". The infomercial was clearly leading up to talking to kids about the dangers of drugs and smoking and made the excellent point that was can get the message through to our kids without an actual … [Read more...]

13 Around The World

One of the nicest features of school vacation for me is the ability to do some of the things I enjoy doing but can't always cram into a busy school morning, like have a cup of coffee while lounging with a morning news show. Instead of going away this week, we are actually having a home vacation - a week to do all the things that we all love but can't always get to.This morning while enjoying a … [Read more...]

How to know when your daughter is becoming a tween

ou know your daughter is becoming a tween when…1. you go to help you’re her with her hair and realize she is just about your height.2. you look for socks and a t-shirt that only moments ago were in your drawer and realize she is wearing them. 3. you catch her paying more attention to her appearance.4. you barely get the royal wave these days when she walks by you with her friends. If you are … [Read more...]