Tough Life Lessons From The Movies

A high school friend posted on Facebook recently that her 11 year old son noticed a Cialis add during a football game and asked about it. Remind us all to thank the sports world for introducing these fun concepts into the minds of our very hormonal tweens and teens! Not sure how to respond, she did what most parents do these days...turned to her Facebook friends. We offered up our usual sage … [Read more...]

Glee Wakes Us Up on Bullying…and Teen Life

I was away this week when Glee’s “Never Been Kissed” episode first aired. Being a huge Bon Jovi fan, my 13 year old daughter couldn’t wait for me to get home so she could watch the episode again with me. “You’re going to love it!”, she told me. “But, there are some surprises in the I should warn you.” So, we plopped on the couch and got into our watching positions. I had heard mixed … [Read more...]

Concussions in Kids: Lessons From The Pros

As sure as the sun rises and sets every day, resistance from sports parents and young athletes with return to play recommendations, especially when it comes to concussions, is something I’ve come to expect in my work as an urgent care pediatrician. This is one of the biggest uphill battles we face as pediatricians but one we can’t afford to lose without resulting in dire consequences for an … [Read more...]

Teens Need Involved Parents

Are you an “opt in” teen parent or an “opt out” teen parent? And, does it matter? I think it does! My daughter recently participated in Relay For Life with some friends in her freshman high school class and I was stunned to discover that the parents were harder to rally than the teens. Read on. Relay is an amazing event. Organized nationally by the American Cancer Society, this one event teaches … [Read more...]