CyberSecurity Tip 5: Dr. Gwenn’s Guide to Online Behavior

The best way to teach kids how to behave online is to behave appropriately online ourselves. If we are stellar examples of digital citizens and treat each other with respect online, our kids will pick up those behaviors and treat each other well, too. … [Read more...]

Book Review: Scholastic At Home…Girls Life Club

When my youngest daughter was 9 and solidly a tween, I noticed very quickly her interests changed overnight to included everything from fashion concerns to friendship angst, and even boys with noticeable hormones churning at every corner. Like most 4th graders, her teacher gave out the Scholastic Book order form each month. One particular month, my daughter asked for this Girl’s Club thing – … [Read more...]

Are They Old Enough – Can My Tween Stay Home Alone?

The ultimate goal of childhood is to become independent, self-sufficient adults. Deciding when it’s time to let our children spread their wings is often a challenge. Over this past year my family has confronted a great many of these decisions as my daughter approached her 10th birthday and started asking to stay home alone for short spurts while we carpooled younger siblings. It is in these … [Read more...]