Dog Bite Prevention

This week is Dog Bite Prevention week, sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Veterinary Medical Association. Whether or not you own a dog, our children will come into contact with dogs and many kids, including my own daughter, are quite frightened even by the smallest of pooches. Here's some helpful information from the American Academy of Pediatrics (written by Zach … [Read more...]

Minipeddi…is this a mini-joke?

I almost dropped my tea when I read the Globe last night. Spas for kids? Is this real?? Sadly, it is very real.You've got to check out the picture gallery - seeing is believing! Before I go into a mini-tirade about what is wrong with these pictures, let me point out the few good points:1. this is an interesting way to promote mom/daughter bonding, if used sparingly and for special occasions, in … [Read more...]

Getting Good Grades: not just for college entrance anymore

Did you know that if your teen gets good grades, a B or higher, they can catch a break on the car insurance premium? I learned that pearl this morning on a short segment on Good Morning America called Save on Your Teens First Car. Talk about an incentive for hitting the books - and even battling "senioritis". What I love about the suggestions in this segment is the emphasis placed on … [Read more...]

When life imitate art…the fashion ‘don’t’ for our kids.

The allure of Idol is waning with my girls – they just can not relate to this group of contestants, especially now that most of the girls have been voted off. Did I say girls? I meant woman. Well, to be honest, most of them are just girls… under 20, still in school, High School that is. For me, the stooge act of the judges is rather grating. Perhaps now that I’m 40, I’m just too “old” to … [Read more...]