BIrds And Bees Continued

So, the reproduction unit in the 5th grade class wraps up this week with one final "talk" but this time girls only in one room and boys only in another. After a week of some sticky hormonal moments, some amazing tranformations have occurred:Me: So, do I dare ask how it all went today? Caits: Actually, the movie was not as bad as I feared - but the inside stuff is weird. And sperm are fish - … [Read more...]

Birds And Bees Tween Style

So it starts. My daughter's 5th grade class tackled the difficult unit of "reproduction" last week. I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but there is no way of talking about this with out the s-word creeping into discussion. A word to the wise: tweens this age really do just want simple answers. They have no concept of sexuality yet; to them, this is all just mechanical.....Well, my daughter tries to … [Read more...]

Taboo or No Taboo. What kids already know may surprise you.

Did you hear the news? Two families in Lexington filed a law suit over books talking about gay families. Shocking! Well, if this were twenty years ago. But, in 2006? In Massachusetts? In communities where we all have many neighbors in same sex relationships? I have news for these parents, the message is out and their kids likely already knew about gay families long before their teacher read that … [Read more...]

Which One Of These Things Doesn’t Belong?

I was flipping through the TV channels late last night and stumbled upon an infomercial. The ad had oodles of snipits of teens hanging with their parents and a narrator repeating "all it takes is a minute". The infomercial was clearly leading up to talking to kids about the dangers of drugs and smoking and made the excellent point that was can get the message through to our kids without an actual … [Read more...]

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