Concussions in Kids: Lessons From The Pros

As sure as the sun rises and sets every day, resistance from sports parents and young athletes with return to play recommendations, especially when it comes to concussions, is something I’ve come to expect in my work as an urgent care pediatrician. This is one of the biggest uphill battles we face as pediatricians but one we can’t afford to lose without resulting in dire consequences for an … [Read more...]

To High School Graduates: Education First, Career Choice Second!

It's here again...high school graduation season. That annual rite of passage for high schoolers coast to coast to embark upon that much anticipated journey from home to that first true independent step outside the safety net of their childhood homes and communities. What always amazes me is the pressure high school kids feel as they embark upon this journey and how often I hear these kids express … [Read more...]

Understanding Teen Suicide: the true reality and resources that could help

The coverage about Michael Blasil's suicide raises important issues about how to really help depressed teens...and where to look for resources in our own communities. In many ways, the coverage about the death of Marie Osmond's son today was excellent. The experts on all the news shows were spot on in discussing teen depression and suicide and all the news stations have posted important … [Read more...]

Tweens: Encourage, Don’t Over Indulge…especially with things!

My daughter really wants an iTouch. She's 12...a tween. We heard nothing about this until recently when a friend was over who happened to have been given one for a holiday gift. It turns out that many of her friends have them now so she feels like iPods are suddenly passe. Instead of asking us for one or concocting a plan to put it on her next birthday list, she came up with the idea to earn … [Read more...]

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