Teens and Tweens Travelling Alone

Does your teen or tween every travel alone? “Of course not,” you say. What about school trips in middle school or high school?  What about overnight camp and day trips or overnights they may take? Any time your kids do something without you, they are travelling alone. Once kids are old enough to have these opportunities, they are old enough to not only understand important safety rules about … [Read more...]

Childhood Obesity: talking & listening to your kids

Childhood obesity is a challenging problem. As difficult as it is for a parent to acknowledge that their child is overweight, it is even more daunting for that parent to figure out how to even being to talk to the child about loosing weight. Many parents wonder if they should have the discussion at all. Some experts worry that discussing weight issues with kids may create body image problems, … [Read more...]

Handling Flu in School in the Era of H1N1

You know one of these days it will happen. On the day when you least expect it (and often when it is least convenient) the school nurse will call in form you that your child has “flu like symptoms with a fever” and needs to be picked up. Now what? … [Read more...]

Book Review: Scholastic At Home…Girls Life Club

When my youngest daughter was 9 and solidly a tween, I noticed very quickly her interests changed overnight to included everything from fashion concerns to friendship angst, and even boys with noticeable hormones churning at every corner. Like most 4th graders, her teacher gave out the Scholastic Book order form each month. One particular month, my daughter asked for this Girl’s Club thing – … [Read more...]