Women Docs: job satisfaction comes from blazing trails

When I decided to become a doctor, what seems like a lifetime ago, I most certainly jumped before I looked. We all did that. How in the world could we really have known what a field like medicine really was to practice? How could we have known what it would be like to live as a physician day in and day out? How could have have known how choices we made while single would be altered so dramatically … [Read more...]

Women Bullying Women: time to change the polarity

Just over a year ago, I blogged about an ABC News story about bullying that gave data that women are more likely in the workplace to be bullied by other women. This week on MomLogic, blogger Ronda Kaysen posted an almost identical post.Reading Ronda's post I was filled with mixed emotions. It's a relief the cat's out of the bag. Awareness does go a long way in helping find solutions so the young … [Read more...]

Talking to kids about domestic abuse: lessons from the stars

We all want our kids to someday end up on healthy, loving relationships. Hopefully, that will be the situation. But, what if it's not? What if one of our children ends up in a situation like Rihanna found herself in recently with Chris Brown? Will we know what to do? Will our child know what to do?What happened to Rihanna is upsetting and disturbing on so many levels, even more so because it … [Read more...]

A modern family’s view of fitness…and finances

Exercise bike: $399-$1500 at NordicTrack.comTreadmill: $699 - $2969 at NordicTrack.comWii Fit: $89.99 after $249 for the gaming systemPrice to get Adam's entire family in shape: priceless!Adam is right about the Wii Fit's abilty to help folks stay in shape. And, it is a heck of a lot more fun than either the stationary bike or treadmill. Although, both an unused bike and treadmill can double as … [Read more...]