Bug of the Month: Animal Bites

Common Household Pets: Hamster, cat, dog, guinnea pig, ferret, gerbil, rabbit, mouse Do these pets carry a rabies risk? No. Can I get infected from being bitten by my pet? Yes. Mouths of pets have bacteria and can infect you. As with all bites and cuts, you want to do the following: 1. Clean well with warm soapy water. 2. Apply antibiotic ointment. 3. Cover with bandaid/dressing and change … [Read more...]

Bug Of The Month: Hayfever (Seasonal Allergies)

Technical Names: Allergic Rhinitis Nicknames: Hayfever, Allergies What it is: allergic reaction to something in the environment such as pollen, dust, molds, animal hai. It is an overreaction of the immune system - a "normal" reaction on overload. People can grow in and out of allergies throughout their lives. Genetics determines some predisposition but environmental factors can also overload the … [Read more...]

Bug Of The Month

Bug has many definitions that all apply to your family's health. Bug can mean an illness, such as the flu, or a pesky problem, such as an injury or allergies or social or psychological issues. Both types of bugs are most certainly part of life and impact all of us. What fascinates me is that most bugs are seasonal and there are many that go about all our towns as if on a road trip! Bug Of The … [Read more...]

Bug Of The Month: Croup

Technical Names: laryngotracheobronchitis NickNames: croup, barking seal cough What is it: infection of our trachea - the main tube in our throat Typical Ages for Illness: infants and toddler most usually but occasionally younger elementary school children. Typical Symptoms:barky, seal-like cough often worse at night; +/- fever; +/- trouble breathing. Often starts as a bad cold then suddenly … [Read more...]

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