Swine Flu Vaccine: The Bottom Line

If your a bit confused about the H1N1 vaccine recommendations, you are in good company! They are a bit confusing because this year's flu season is a bit confusing. To add insult to injury, the recommendations for H1N1 are just similar and dissimilar enough from "seasonal flu", Influenza A&B, that sorting it out can make your head spin and your tongue get tied. Kim Carrigan and I attempted to … [Read more...]

Prevnar vaccine study reveals a vaccine success story

Just before turning off my computer last night, this story from USA Today flashed on the screen with the catchy headline: "Kids' vaccine slashes meningitis".Reading the article, I was struck by not only how successful the 8 year old Prevnar, pneumococcal, vaccine has been for children as well as for society itself. Prevnar was developed to protect children against pneumococcal bacterial which can … [Read more...]

Offit To Sears: The Current Vaccine Schedule Is Still The Best Vaccine Schedule

Off all the parents I counsel about immunizations, the fearful and resistant ones remain etched in my mind. They always seem to be very pleasant and well spoken. Usually highly educated and well read but somewhere along the line became deeply troubled about immunizations. Their over riding mission become one of over protection of their children and wanting assurances of safety that even the most … [Read more...]

Are you and your kids flu-immunized?

This week is National Influenza Vaccine Week. As a reminder, this year the CDC recommends that all children 6months to 18 years get an annual flu shot. And, all adults should get their flu shot, too. Keep in mind that the only way to not get the flu is to have some protection on board. The flu will also be markedly less severe with the flu shot on board. I talked about these issues as well as … [Read more...]

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