Fall Sports Safety and New Flu Shot Guidelines

When kids go back to school, there are two seasonal issues that all families start to talk a great deal about and ask for advice on: sports safety and the flu. I talked about both of these important topics with NECN's Karen Swenson on HealthWeek recently:I want to pass on some more flu information for you since October will begin flu season vaccination season. The flu can be a tough virus and the … [Read more...]

Vaccine Safety: What You Really Need To Know

Vaccines and vaccine safety are clearly the hottest topics in child health today. There's a great deal of misleading information online and in the press driving a great deal of unnecessary fears. To help address the concern of many parents, the American Academy of Pediatrics has joined forces with many amazing organizations and enlisted the help of Amanda Peet, an actress who made the decision to … [Read more...]

Celebrate National Immunization Month with Accurate Information!

August in National Immunization Month and it just may boil down to a battle of the celebrities with Amanda Peet lending her voice and star power to the side of science and our current immunization schedule. With Jenny McCarthy gaining more steam and creating more confusion, with all the internet misinformation, with the increase of immunization preventable illnesses such as Measles, we are at a … [Read more...]

Measles On The Rise Because People are Not Immunized

Measles is again on the rise - 127 people in 15 states have been confirmed to have measles. And, all of them were unimmunized against measles. Foreign travel was the initiator of the outbreak - people acquired the measles in other countries and brought it back into the US, according to Reuters UK. This is the biggest measles outbreak reported since 1997.According to the CDC, the following States … [Read more...]