Bug of the Month: Sprains and Strains

Technical Names: Sprains, Soft Tissue Injuries, Musculoskeletal Injuries NickNames: twisted arm or leg, thrown joint What it is: a pulling and/or tearing of the soft tissues of a joint, the ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The ankle is the most commonly sprained joint in kids and often sports related. Typical Ages: Any and all ages. Etiology: trauma - intentional and nonintentional, … [Read more...]

Bug Of The Month: Lyme Disease

Technical Names: Lyme Disease Lyme Map: Lyme has a definite geographic distribution. According to the CDC you'll find Lyme in these three areas: Northeast: Massachusetts to Maryland. North-central states: especially Wisconsin and Minnesota. West Coast: especially northern California. Nicknames: Lyme Disease, Lyme What it is: tick-borne infection from ticks of the Ixodes genussed by … [Read more...]

Bug of the Month: Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac

Common and Technical Names: Poison Ivy: Toxicodendron rydbergii Poison Oak: Toxicodendron diversilobum Poison Sumac: Toxicodendron vernix Plant Identification: see this link: Cornell Poisonous Plants Information Database) What it is: Allergic reaction to urushiol oil from the poison ivy/oak/sumac leaves. The rhyme “leave three let them be!” can help kids remember to avoid clusters of … [Read more...]

Finding A Doctor When Sick Away From Home

Never say never. One of these days it will happen, guaranteed. You will be on the trip of a life time, the very trip you’ve been planning for months, when suddenly you hear that poorly timed comment “Mom, I’m not feeling so great”. You’ll freeze and immediately think: “this can’t be happening!” We learned first hand just how paralyzing it can feel to have sickness strike on vacation just a few … [Read more...]

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