Chelation Therapy for Autism?

You may have heard recently that some parents are pushing for a controversial therapy for autism called chelation therapy. Chelation therapy isn't a new therapy - it is a therapy currently used to remove heavy metals from the body, such as lead.If a heavy metal such as mercury were to be a cause of Autism, in theory chelation should be helpful. However, currently we do not understand Autism to … [Read more...]

Are you aware of Autism? Today you should be!

Today is World Autism Awareness Day, a day dedicated to all the autistic people in the world who need a voice for this often misunderstood constellation of conditions. Today is a day for awareness, not for soap box stands. Today is a day to speak for kids who can not speak for themselves and to not use those kids as voices for our own agendas. Today is a day to remember that there are real kids in … [Read more...]

Autism and Vaccines: Another Headline That Doesn’t Fit The Story’s Facts

This story reported by the Associated Press by the LA Times today and many other nation media venues, is a great example of the mismatch between headlines and facts. The LA Times headline, "Government Concedes Vaccine Injury Case", is scary and eye-catching all at once. But, the article has some important details that make the headline's validity fall quickly into question. According to the AP, … [Read more...]

New Thimerosal Study Takes The Wind Out Of Eli Stone’s Sail

As a parent, what would you tell your children if they worked endlessly to justify a questionable action to you? You’d likely tell them, give it up. Sometimes we have to admit “we were wrong”. That is what ABC should have done at the very least. And, that's what they should be doing today.Their own website article says it all: "Disney's television group provided copies of more than 230 angry … [Read more...]