Autism and Vaccines – Entertainment Is Fueling A Dangerous Fire

By now you've all heard about the upcoming "Eli Stone" premier tomorrow on ABC/Disney. At the core of this show are a number of important issues:1. Responsible journalism 2. Entertainment and ratings3. AutismI would think that entertainment and ratings issues aside, ABC would not want to air a show about such an important topic as Autism without fact checking over and over again. This is not a … [Read more...]

Friday Wrap up: Autism, Moms, Medicines, Happiness and Stars

The end of this week was loaded with interesting news that impacts our lives and our kids in different ways. Some of these headlines provide information and clarity on medical issues impacting our lives while others help us sort out the nuts and bolts of basic living. And, tossed in the headline salad is a celebrity headline that has teachable moments for our impressionable offspring.Autism and … [Read more...]

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