Women Bullying Women: time to change the polarity

Just over a year ago, I blogged about an ABC News story about bullying that gave data that women are more likely in the workplace to be bullied by other women. This week on MomLogic, blogger Ronda Kaysen posted an almost identical post.Reading Ronda's post I was filled with mixed emotions. It's a relief the cat's out of the bag. Awareness does go a long way in helping find solutions so the young … [Read more...]

Bullying Is Bad…For Young and Old!

Have you ever been bullied? Even if you never thought of it as "bullying", I'll go out on a limb and propose that all of us have had at least one experience at some point that was so intense that it sat with us not only very negatively for a long while but impacted how we acted and what we believed about ourselves for a while after. If you are one of the few among us who have truly never had this … [Read more...]