Adjusting to a new school year: Back To School-itis

The news last week ran its usual array of back to school stories. One, in particular, caught my eye. The story was about back to school "nerves". It isn't one of the more popular topics covered by the news but a good one to note because it does occur in kids of all ages and is worth knowing about just in case your kids get some early school days jitters. I call this phenomenon "back to … [Read more...]

Are We Robbing Our Kids (of their childhoods)?

Have you noticed that one school year barely ends before we are asked to commit to next year’s activities? The snow has barely melted here in New England with our first few warm days of Spring and already we're planning for the summer and early stages of school year 2011-2012. Mind boggling! Coordinating one child’s activities is often overwhelming with activities occurring late in the day and … [Read more...]

Teen Depression or “Mood Swings”?

One of the situations I found most challenging working in emergency rooms and urgent care settings was when a teen came in for "medical clearance". This phrase is code for "a teen in an emotional crisis who may need be having a major psychiatric issue...or not." My job was look into any possible medical issues of the mood changes and then to call the on-call psychiatric crisis team in for the … [Read more...]

Teens and Tweens Travelling Alone

Does your teen or tween every travel alone? “Of course not,” you say. What about school trips in middle school or high school?  What about overnight camp and day trips or overnights they may take? Any time your kids do something without you, they are travelling alone. Once kids are old enough to have these opportunities, they are old enough to not only understand important safety rules about … [Read more...]

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