Common Questions Parents Ask About Young Children

Attending conferences and events, I’m always amazed by the new parenting devices and  gadgets that appear on the market. What's timeless, however, are the questions parents have about the health of their young families. Here’s a sampling of those common parents of new babies or of young children typically ask: … [Read more...]

Lessons From The Gloucester Teens: Babies Are Responsibility!

Having “the talk” with our kids is never easy. Just getting through saying the various anatomic names can be daunting for even the most savvy or parents.  It used to be that we would talk about the basics, reproduction, and add sexuality, birth control and life issues like babies later on as our kids got older. The news of 17 pregnant teens in Gloucester, MA in 2008 rocked our beliefs to their … [Read more...]

Bug of the Month: Senioritis

What is it? The inability for Seniors (typically) to focus due to a feeling that “they are done”. However, this can occur in all kids at various stages. Symptoms: Not applying as much effort in school work Loosing interest in activities Grades slipping Lackadaisical attitude What you should do as a parent: Talk to your child Talk to the school The goal is to uncover from your child what is … [Read more...]

Handling Power Struggles With Your Kids

Does this tale ring a bell with you and your family moments? A while back,  I walked by the registration desk at work and noticed a mom very focused with the registration process while a couple small children sat by her feet. Another child, presumably hers given the interaction with the other kids, sat a few feet away near a large and very beautiful floor plant--one of those plants with endless … [Read more...]

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