Puberty: The Final Frontier

Puberty - the final frontier. These are the voyages of our tweens and teens*. Their 5-ish year mission: to become independent while their body is changing inside and out, to boldly go where every tween and teen in history has gone before! Just like Captains Picard and Kirk on Star Trek, we encounter aliens daily as our kids evolve through puberty. Those aliens are none other than our teens and … [Read more...]

Lessons from the Movies: helping kids through tough times

Disney movies have a wonderful way of providing something for everyone but are sometimes criticized for content that may be too overwhelming for children – parents dying, natural disasters, and sickness in a friend or loved one. I was particularly sensitive to these very issues when my children were younger and would simply fast-forward through “questionable” scenes. Eventually my kids started … [Read more...]

Kids and Peer Pressure

Our summer has had some interesting moments. Summer camp had barely begun before our 9 year old daughter threw us a curve ball. “Mom, J is going to sleep away camp this year. You HAVE to let me go next year – otherwise I’ll be the only 5th grader in the entire world not going.” I have to say, while she’s been somewhat of a pneumatic drill on the topic this summer, watching her try to convince us … [Read more...]

Parents learn not to always tune out ‘whinese’

I discovered that my youngest daughter could speak a foreign language when she was around 6 years old. We call it “whinese” because entire sentences and comments for many hours a day can be in this new and irritating tongue. Maybe you know this language – it is common among members of the early elementary school year tribe. What’s amazing is that all kids are born knowing it. Unlike other … [Read more...]