We’re All Stage Parents But The Key Is The Degree

"Stage mother"...are you one? Here's the Wikipedia definition to help you decide:"In the performing arts, a stage mother is a term for the mother of a child actor. The mother will often drive her child to auditions, make sure he or she is on the set on time, etc. The term sometimes has a negative connotation, suggesting that the individual is prone to obnoxiously demand special treatment for her … [Read more...]

Deciding On The Pefect Family Size Should be A Unified Decision

MomLogic posted yesterday on family expansion and it got me thinking. When we got married, we always thought we wanted 4 kids. I came from a family of 3 and my husband a family of 5. So, 4 seemed like the perfect number. We were both on the same page about having our first child, and second. And, now that we were parents, we both agreed that 4 was just not going to happen! But, what about a third … [Read more...]

The Fine Line Of Parenting Vs. Punishing

There have been a number of reports in the news of parents who have resorted to a rather extreme form of punishment: having their child hold up a sign on a street corner announcing to the world what they had done. In all cases, the parents of these kids felt all other measures had failed and negative reinforcement and fear of future humiliation was the only measure left. They all admitted this … [Read more...]

The Princess Effect – Good, Bad, Neither?

Is the princess fantasy hurting our young daughters? Some experts thinks so. Good Morning America ran a spot over the weekend on what has been dubbed "The Princess Effect". The concept is not that fantasy or wanting to play pretend is bad but that smacking our young, impressionable kids over the head with these personas may lead to later issues. We do live in an over indulgent society where … [Read more...]

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