Safety Proofing When Away From Home

Safety proofing. One of those necessary evils of parenting we love and hate all at once. We love the fact that we are protecting out infants and very young children, yet if only it were easier to accomplish at times…and if our tots had a bit less Houdini in them. Still, safety proofing measures do minimize injury and provide us with peace of mind during a very chaotic time in our kids’ lives. … [Read more...]

Common Questions Parents Ask About Young Children

Attending conferences and events, I’m always amazed by the new parenting devices and  gadgets that appear on the market. What's timeless, however, are the questions parents have about the health of their young families. Here’s a sampling of those common parents of new babies or of young children typically ask: … [Read more...]

Lessons From The Gloucester Teens: Babies Are Responsibility!

Having “the talk” with our kids is never easy. Just getting through saying the various anatomic names can be daunting for even the most savvy or parents.  It used to be that we would talk about the basics, reproduction, and add sexuality, birth control and life issues like babies later on as our kids got older. The news of 17 pregnant teens in Gloucester, MA in 2008 rocked our beliefs to their … [Read more...]

Should I worry about my infants small head size?

All families worry about whether their babies are developing "normally". Concern is often more heightened when a baby's head is on the small size. Here are two questions I received recently on this topic. As you'll see, appearances can be deceiving and more times than not there is no reason for alarm: Question #1 Dear Dr. Gwenn: I had my son two weeks early due to IUG. We had an ultra … [Read more...]