Wordless Wednesday: Boston…strong as ever!

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Boston Strong…Now and Always

A week ago at 2:50PM ET, the Boston Maraton finish line was hit by one of two bombs. Today, at 2:50pm ET, please join all of Boston and Massachusetts for a  moment of silence to honor the many victims and heroes of last week's horrific events. If you'd like to help the many people injured by the bombings, click here to go to the One Fund, … [Read more...]

How to Talk to Kids about Tough World Events

Over the last decade we've had to face far too many of tough world events from terrorism to natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina or the tsunami in Japan. It's always the same pattern:  in the blink of an eye, we are transported from our relatively happy lives to an uncertain fog as we grapple with whatever event had just occurred. Today, just 17 miles from my home town, in Boston, … [Read more...]

Remembering 9/11 but allowing for new beginnings and new hopes

For many of us, we will never forget where we were 11 years ago today. As with so many moments in life, this one day will be etched in our minds and souls forever and we will always pause each morning, on this day, and just remember, just for a moment, how out of control our world was and how very, very scary. … [Read more...]

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