All Kids Have Abilities…And It’s Up To Us To Recognize That!

A former physical education teacher in my home town, John Passarini, once told me: "No child is disabled. They are all just differently abled." That was his philosophy during his many years teaching generations of kids in our town and now teaching teachers how to coach and teach. … [Read more...]

Tough Life Lessons From The Movies

A high school friend posted on Facebook recently that her 11 year old son noticed a Cialis add during a football game and asked about it. Remind us all to thank the sports world for introducing these fun concepts into the minds of our very hormonal tweens and teens! Not sure how to respond, she did what most parents do these days...turned to her Facebook friends. We offered up our usual sage … [Read more...]

Helping Kids Make Sense of the Sea World Tragedy

Wednesday's death of Dawn Brancheau at Sea World is truly an unthinkable tragedy. It's one of those events that reminds us that some family entertainment that we take for granted is much more involved than we want to admit and puts many highly trained, dedicated and good-hearted people at risk each and every day. Given children's love for orcas, and Shamu in particular, this story is likely to … [Read more...]

Helping Kids Understand The Disaster In Haiti

The enormity and randomness of natural disasters such as the one that devastated Haiti this week  is truly  overwhelming. If we're having difficulty coming to terms with the myriad of emotions and paralyzing impressions as adults, you can imagine how challenging this has been for our kids, regardless of age, to start to make sense of. … [Read more...]