Talking To Kids About The Economy and The Holidays

With the holidays upon us and our country still facing a challenging economic crisis, many families are struggling with how to balance celebrating and spending without disappointing their children. From news stories to Facebook postings, families are expressing clear concern for how to celebrate this year, what to buy for their kids and how much money to spend. They want to be honest with their … [Read more...]

New study highlights a surprising risk for teen suicide: family moves

We all know that moving is stressful on a family. As if the logistics of the move itself are not overwhelming enough, there's the adjustment to a new area complete with laying down new roots and establishing a new social structure. This is tough for adults as well as kids of all ages.Kids are typically thought of as being rather pliable and flexible when it comes to new situations. With time, … [Read more...]

Women Bullying Women: time to change the polarity

Just over a year ago, I blogged about an ABC News story about bullying that gave data that women are more likely in the workplace to be bullied by other women. This week on MomLogic, blogger Ronda Kaysen posted an almost identical post.Reading Ronda's post I was filled with mixed emotions. It's a relief the cat's out of the bag. Awareness does go a long way in helping find solutions so the young … [Read more...]

Show 7 Companion Page: Teens and Destructive Behaviors

Show #7 Companion Page:Teens and Destructive BehaviorsBacchus has drowned more men than Neptune. (Giuseppe Garibaldi)Guest Information:Thanks to Heidi Heilman from the Wayland Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, Wayland, MA, for joining me last night.Heidi has a Masters in Social Work and has worked in the field of youth substance abuse for over 20 years, with experiences ranging from SADD, … [Read more...]

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