Opening Day Hopes and Dreams

The Boston Red Sox Home opener is today! This is a big deal for die-hard Red Sox fans. Its truly akin to a National holiday. In fact, it's even talked about in school - at all levels. As our home team boys embark upon their new season, many of our kids are embarking upon their new sports seasons, too. As the weather is warming and teams are organizing, this is the perfect time to remind our … [Read more...]

Want to be more healthy? Eat like some of the top docs!

One of my biggest challenges as a mom and a physician has been to stay healthy.  With our hectic lives, at home and work, and everyone coming and going, finding time to eat "healthy" and exercise is an everyday challenge. To think of it any other way just gets me in trouble. Perhaps that's one of the reasons, like so many women, I've suffered from the infamous yo-yo issue throughout my life. Its … [Read more...]

Rice and Arsenic: Should we worry?

With this week's Consumer Report study on Rice and Arsenic, many parents are wondering if it's safe for their family to eat rice, especially their babies starting off on rice cereal. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Back To School Fuel?

[Read more...]