Rice and Arsenic: Should we worry?

With this week's Consumer Report study on Rice and Arsenic, many parents are wondering if it's safe for their family to eat rice, especially their babies starting off on rice cereal. … [Read more...]

Battling Childhood Obesity By Focusing on Health and Fitness

Fostering healthy eating and fitness is often a wrestling match of Olympic proportions. In one corner, our kids highly motivated but under trained in the rules of health. In the other, the tag team of activity and food which can change as fast as a chameleon from working for the health of your child to a pure health enemy. You never know what you’ll get in the ring – exercise or video games. … [Read more...]

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…or Calories!

Shopping for groceries the other day, my kids noticed this product that made us all stop in our tracks: Yes...this is a real product from a real major brand super market. … [Read more...]

Hidden Calories in School Lunches: it’s not what you think

Bloomberg posted yesterday that the New York school system is going to eliminate whole milk from their cafeterias to cut calories. 4.6 billion calories and 422 billion grams of fat will be eliminated from the menu by this plan. A good plan for the kids involved. Well, at least a good start. As the post notes, schools nationwide are working diligently to tweak menus and offer healthier … [Read more...]